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贸促通Marketdata.net自2001年成立以来,二十年专注领航环球财贸数据及知识协同软件市场,携手FISD及腾讯等主流国际信息专家和合作伙伴,坚守用户增值至上「Make Data Work for You」的企业价值主张,依靠独有的环球财贸数据港知识增值平台技术,目前提供如下四大行业数智化解决方案: has been dedicated to global financial and trade data and knowledge collaboration software market for 20 years since the company was founded in 2001. Through close cooperation with world-class information experts and partners, such as FISD and Tencent, we uphold our company value to “Make Data Work for You” with an aim to create added value for customers. Relying on our unique platform and technology, we have built a global financial and trade data hub that offers a quadruple solution to enable industrial digitalization and intelligentization:

>>>Global financial data ​环球金融数据方案

>>>International trade think tank 国际贸易智库方案

>>>Knowledge collaboration software 知识协同软件方案

>>>Enablement and training programs 赋能培训咨询方案

二十年来,我们深知企业数据 & 知识运营的难点和实现卓越的最佳行动路线图,突破口是需要从人、内容和技术三位一体出发设计实施战略,才能最终Make Data Work for You!我们在北京、上海、港澳和东京的国际化团队和生态双赢伙伴,已经帮助两千多家中外财贸及信息服务企业用户增值提效,被用户誉为环球财贸数据首席专家。

With 20 years of experience, we can help you tackle the pain points on enterprise data & knowledge operation, offering a road map that leads you to the next level of excellence. As a breakthrough, we designed an implementation strategy leveraging people, content, and technology, to ultimately make data work for you. Our international team across Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau and Tokyo together with our partners in the win-win business ecosystem have successfully created values for over 2000 enterprise clients in the industry, and are honored as a global financial and trade data expert.


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